Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 and here we go again

Another short short comment from Visual Mapper

2017 and here we go again

Yes we’re beginning to grope our way through 2017 with that pseudo gusto we call enthusiasm; ha-ha, that is until we press the pause button and say “WTF was I thinking, believing I could get away with this”?

Oh yeah, those resolutions that become useless affirmations to us until we reach a realization we should have been more pragmatic about how we’re going to get to where we want to be.

During the first quarter of any year is that crucial part of the year where many of us attempt to reinvent ourselves by diversifying our skill sets and either learning new skills or transplanting ourselves into arenas that may appreciate our existing skill sets.

And whilst that is always something to consider, I would say now is the time to enhance your passions, skill sets and potential opportunities that may open up doors of probable futures for you and yours.

If you’re not already aware of what my associates and colleagues do by now; we are Knowledge Architects. We are able to assess, measure and build knowledge frameworks for you to capitalize upon.

Data, Information and Knowledge has become a commodity to be capitalized upon to the extent that you may be best to seek the services of these so called knowledge architects.

Being more aware of the monetizing opportunities of being a more effective knowledge handler is a good beginning. So take a look at the TheBrain graphical framework below (here’s a direct link too) and consider connecting with any of my fellow colleagues who may offer you that beginning. And that beginning will no doubt, as all things progress; take you on a journey down the rabbit hole of knowledge management, so hold onto your hat.

You decide the path you wish to take this year. The introduction to Mind-Visual-Knowledge mapping shall enable, enhance and empower your existing knowledge handling skill sets to the nth degree. That means you’ll be the one in charge of your probable future.

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