Monday, December 26, 2016

The state of the mind-visual-knowledge mapping nation?

Another comment by Visual Mapper

The state of the mind-visual-knowledge mapping nation?

I really like to watch the state of the nation speeches presented by the premiers of respective countries. They often present the prognosis of the presumed ailments of their economies and societies, and in turn justify the onslaught of media redirection. Somewhat likened to an infinity loop; it’s a little confusing as to whom is first or last, but they seem to feed into each other and therefore can’t do without each other for their sustenance and continued existence. Oh my: that sounds parasitical.

CEO’s do the same and IMO they have the same agendas. We are indeed all enslaved, to a degree; by the edicts, prognoses and re-directions of these thought leaders of their own domains.

We don’t seem to have this collectivization of mindsets within the mind-visual-knowledge mapping arenas do we? And maybe that’s a good thing, as the innovation and creativity that is birthed from the apparent independence of the three arenas seems to be really good for private and corporate futures.

The fierce independence of all software/service developers within these arenas IMO may though be the downfall or gridlock to further creativity and innovation within the mind-visual-knowledge mapping arenas.

How so? Well as I’ve blabbed on about before; ALL the current mainstream products do the same thing. Yes there’s a few (maybe a couple) who innovate somewhat with their addins and solutions, but strip away the addins and solutions and you’re left with a bare skeleton that has no muscle and substance.

Recently I spoke of the awesome discussion I had with Chuck Frey a few years ago regarding enabling the creation of a Visual MappingBody of Knowledge (VMBoK). Further to this BOK I believe we need to have the mainstream (or maybe ALL) gather together for a round table meeting to hash out the current and future probable states of where this arena is or should be heading. Oh my; would it be possible to do such a thing without making all the developers feel like they’re being herded into the abattoir?

I personally don’t fancy the chances of the mind-visual-knowledge mapping arenas chances of progressing further without some kind of respective coming together at an agreed place as a collective to openly discuss the current state of and potential (probable) futures of this most essential tool set, methodologies and mindsets of the respective arenas.

But of course this little thought blog is my kind of tongue in cheek way of prompting my friends and colleagues within these arenas to get their fingers out and do something that resembles meaningfulness.

And yes Wallace Tait: Visual Mapper has always been (and remains to be) one who isn’t afraid to stir up a hornets nest in order to get things moving.

What do you think? Do you have an opinion, are you a developer, a writer or an enthusiast? Regardless of where you’re positioned within these arenas it is so important to get involved in constructive discussions.

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