Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Training Required

A really short comment from Visual Mapper

No training required:

I get willingly dragged into all kinds of work that requires visual information management. The majority is often graphical charting, and the scope of representation is really wide.

Flow, statistical, organizational, concept, project, scheduling and mind mapping. You may be the same kind of consultant I am; often we're all over the proverbial map regarding creating a big picture for ourselves and clients.

There's inherent problems when we use multiple tools to create, manage and share our project. The multiplicity of the tools used to generate the big picture often (if not managed effectively) fogs over the intended clarity of focus for our projects.

And that's where the often rejected tool of mind mapping comes into its own. It proves by way of the graphical framework the natural visual connectivity of all aspects of a project, gathering all together into a single point of access.

That single point of access is indeed the graphical framework of the mind map. Now although we use the Visual mapping tool-box to access, handle and utilize multiple formats to create, manage and express (exchange) our work; the mind maps, they kind of rule this arena.

The mind map not only now has embraced multiple formats into its graphical abilities, it becomes a repository of data, information and knowledge by the very nature of how we can attach files, documents and images of all kinds to the graphical framework of the mind map. And there's no doubt a database file architecture will be the next big thing for the mind mapping developers.

This single point of access is often referred to as a Master Map; IMO it's the most ideal format to manage all of your relevant data, information and knowledge.

Products such as TheBrain and Topicscape do this most effectively as they have mastered the relational database conceptualization within graphical knowledge mapping.

Easily done though with your preferred mind mapping product; the only drawback is the weakness of the single file architecture, but I'm confident developers are mulling over their response to this distinct weakness.

But: there's No training required, and if anyone tells you otherwise; they're spinning you. Yes, that age old sales marketing trap of; we have a tool that will transform you, but you need our training courses in order to experience transformation.


Mind mapping software is and should be self explanatory, and if it isn't; don't use it. Complexity is the mother of confusion, and as I see it, there's a few mind/visual mapping products that have built so much complexity into their software offering; so as to make their particular products useless and even wasteful ventures.

So remember: No training required

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