Sunday, March 13, 2016

Part Deux: The feedback cometh. Professor Pascal Venier

In answer to: The Evolution of the Visual Mapper (Part Deux)? 

Notable colleague and Academic professor Pascal Venier @pascalvenier has offered a summary of his thoughts as an answer to the questions posed at “The Evolution of the Visual Mapper part Deux

The evolution, or rather the lack of pertinent evolution, in the software industry is a huge disappointment. They fail to focus on what is important, ie the usability and purely visual dimension: this is very much the elephant in the room. Likewise the ability to switch between radial (mind-mapping) and hybrid (concept mapping) formats. The only cool new app I have seen since you wrote that piece is the Inspiration app for iPads, which gives a feel for what visual mapping could be like in the future; In writing this I visualize a Minority Report-like screen.
New pricing models based on subscriptions are not adapted to private users and make costs increasingly prohibitive”.

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