Sunday, March 13, 2016

Part Deux: The feedback cometh. Chris Griffiths

In answer to: The Evolution of the Visual Mapper (Part Deux)?

Chris Griffiths @GriffithsThinks is founder and CEO of OpenGenius, the company behind the iMindMap and DropTask brands gives his feedback below.

It was an excellent article. I felt your viewpoints were balanced and objective, as were those of many of your contributors. I did take exception to some of the comments made by others. It appears that many in the industry focus too much on trying to convince others that their new ‘visualizations’ are better than Tony Buzan mind mapping. Our viewpoint is that Tony’s original mind mapping process is very effective and that there are many other visualizations that are also very effective for specific tasks. To say one is better than the other is not constructive to the industry. It is, ultimately, a question of personal choice for users depending on what they are wanting to achieve.

Do you believe the Visual/Knowledge mapping arena has experienced a measurable advancement since the publication of the original article?

If yes: what do you believe have been the most relevant advancements?
Yes, clearly it has. More people in both education and business are becoming aware of the benefits of using visual tools to help them. There are now more software products / visualizations available meaning more choice of tools for specific applications.

If not: what have been the most notable failures of advancement?
The lack of combined input from the industry to educate the outside world as to the benefits of visual mapping.

What are the consequences for the arena based on advancements and/or failures?
It is inevitable that visual mapping will become more prevalent. Individuals that continue with old ways of working will get left behind.

Are we there yet as a mainstream addition or alternative to established productivity tool-sets?
Of course. It is a matter of overcoming the chains of familiarization that keep people using the same tool-sets.

How do you envision the future of Visual/Knowledge mapping arena
We have made much progress, but we are still in the infancy of the VK mapping age. More combined effort needs to be made by the industry, education and governments to promote the benefits of VK mapping.

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