Saturday, February 20, 2016

Part Deux: The feedback cometh

The answers to the 5 key questions have started to trickle in, and as promised, they're posted here for your perusal. The freedom for the reader to interpret and reply with their contextual feedback is important. Some answers may be direct, abstract or just brief, and that's all good; so enjoy the feedback by those who chose to express their subjective opinions and feedback.


As the answers trickled in I did initially add them to this blog post; but I believe the answers to date and future contributions all deserve a blog post dedicated to their answers. It added professional respect to the contributors and simply made more sense to do this. So please look to the blog posts titled "Part Deux: The feedback cometh" with the contributors name attached.

The first post link is to Part Deux: The feedback cometh Professor Pascal Venier


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