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Mind Mapping as a change agent

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Mind Mapping as a change agent

Ever wondered what ever happened to those who seemed to have an insight experience when introduced to the most peculiar yet natural tool of mind mapping? Where are they now eh; and how have they progressed; or not?

I do that all the time, and have kept a few memories over the years that gives me perspective of how it continues to succeed and sometimes fail as a change agent for many.

It is and continues to be peculiar yet natural at the same time, almost like two sides of a coin. Peculiar; because it's just even as to this day not generally recognized as the first graphical tool we'd grab as a first choice for ideation and information mapping. Yet this odd radiant format seems to be a most natural format to begin the genesis of thought relating to how we may create, manage and even share data, information and knowledge.

I can give testament to the power that mind mapping has had in my personal, academic and business life, by how it has transformed the ways I have evolved through understanding procedure, process and system. The mind map has for me become a microcosm of how one may see the greater universe of knowledge and all of its curious, real and imagined synaptic links and potentials.

There is a mindfulness to mind mapping that IMO must be experienced to accept the potentials and probabilities associated with the genesis of a personal journey through understanding systematic thinking. For me; the mind map was the beginning and I have travelled through many dimensions of learning, understanding and implementations of the tools, methods and perceived mindsets of eventual knowledge mapping. Oh and I'm so confident we'll see more quantum leaps in mindfulness and technology that may indeed evolve us as knowledge mapping humans.

But those we share mind mapping with; what becomes of them? Well for the most part, my experience has offered me excellent news. I would say the 80/20 rule may best apply to a natural acceptance, adoption and successful implementation of the tool, methods and creation of a systematic thinking mindset for most. The 80% is an experiential number, yet more than likely a verifiable number if a proper statistical study were to be made. The other empirical 20% number indicates a failure rate that may be statistically verifiable too. But alas I do not have scientific evidence that would back any of my conjecture based statements; but the thing is, none of the mind mapping developers have either. Hmm!

Those who have successfully adopted and adapted mind mapping into their personal space report exponential increases in their comprehension, implementation and continuous improvement of their personal development, academics and business productivity. The experiential evidence is indeed empirical; yet there must be something to this experiential stuff, it just can't be merely imagined; can it?

There is a 20% reality check though; and for some the mind mapping tool has been a not so good experience. Again; in my experience; those who have had a negative experience with mind mapping are more than likely to be those who've come across zealots. Yeah you know those over zealot evangelists who almost believe you'll find salvation in and through the mind map. Hey I used to be a zealot; I actually believed the whole world should be mind mapping, and that if you didn't mind map; well I thought you may be in need of some help.

But the rub is; the one size fits all approach by mind mapping developers in particular, has ingrained the software mind mapping arena with a war, and that war has been the file format war. The battle for developers software to be chomping at the bit to win a race that really shouldn't be a race at all. So glad I said that.

The changes that occur within the mind of each and every user of the tools and methods of mind mapping are unique to every user. I speak to mind, information and knowledge mappers in many sectors of personal, academic and business work, and they all have their very unique and captivating stories to tell. The changes that are positive are just so inspiring to the point of giving you a gift of insight.

These successful mind mappers inevitably become visual mappers and ultimately become forward thinking knowledge handlers, mappers and managers. Then they have the knowledge, experience and mindfulness to be able to employ not just the mind map, but a multitude of graphical mapping tools that enable them to even monetize their knowledge processes. Now that's a whole other thought blog.

Those memories over the years that give me perspective? maybe sometime we'll sit down and have a nice drink and chat with each other about that. Wouldn't that be great?

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