Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Format agnostic: What the ****?

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Format agnostic: What the ****?

In the early days of my, in particular, mind mapping exposure, I certainly wasn't “format agnostic”. My personal evolution through mind/visual/knowledge mapping gave me a glimpse of the potential for format agnostic. Yeah it's probably not even a real term or definition, and it may be a contradiction, but for the sake of this short thought blog, I'll say “it defines the state of the knowledge handler who's not constrained or reliant upon any particular creative and/or implementation formats”.

Mind mapping is included but not limited to the ever growing Visual mapping tool-box, and the knowledge management database approach just seems to ideally manage it all. But getting from that creative process, that may include innovation, appears to hold mind mapping as an ideal tool for the ideation processes that encompasses both creativity and innovation. So format agnostic doesn't cut it.

The ever growing tool-box of Visual mapping enables the visual thinker to grab a graphical tool that suits the thinking processes of the user/project requirements and consideration for the intended audience. So the knowledge handler isn't constrained by the use of any particular tool at all.

Okay; I'm outing myself as a wannabe format agnostic but; for me at the date of this blog there's only one product suite able to offer me the widest scope of tools that suits the visual mapping tool-box (somewhat) format agnostic approach. And that's ConceptDraw Pro. Outwith my use of many mind mapping products, PRO has consistently offered me a tool-box of formats I can use to create, manage and exchange ideation for a variety of projects.

And at the time of this blog I currently have no other product that can offer me the capabilities to “knowledge manage” in a database environment and easily sync to cloud my visual mapping work other than Yes it does sound like another contradiction regarding format agnostic, but at this time I am not format agnostic when it comes to my knowledge management approach. TheBrain is and remains to be my desktop to cloud sync relational database choice.

So: maybe the definition has to change or evolve as we progress through the further development of many excellent tools that allow us to become somewhat non reliant on any one product format. But maybe my blithering here has opened up a realization for developers who've laser focused in only on their particular take of the mind mapping formats encompassed in their unique single file architecture.

Does a mind map hold the key to creativity and innovation as a one size fits all approach? IMO no. A dashboard approach is now becoming a little more presented by developers and maybe this is the way to go for that initial decision process of choosing a format that suits to begin graphically creating a project.

This short thought blog could become a tome of ideas and suggestions. I leave that to you to contribute.

So the question remains; does Format agnostic define the knowledge handler?

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John England said...

One of the keys to innovation is flexibility in both your approach and what you believe. One of my favorite quotations, which fits me precisely is by Issac Asimov:

“I Believe in Evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning confirmed by independent observers. I will believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and the more solid the evidence will have to be.”

The implication for visual information is that 'evidence' is presented in whatever format is most appropriate for the subject matter, the audience and the goal.

Mind mapping will form a part of that, but only when appropriate.