Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Create, Manage, Exchange

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Create, Manage, Exchange

Okay: make sure you have Tylenol handy!

I made my point some time ago that every human is an information manager; that's an undeniable fact; surely we all know this eh. Some of us are good and some not so good. Maybe the word “handler” might best describe what we humans do with information. For the most part we handle loads of aggregated data; that is the assemblage of words, images and numbers and we end up with information.

Information may or may not be useful, based upon verified sources, validated for authenticity and then contextualized to solidify content. But often the contextualization is missed or willingly ignored and information fades away as mere instructions that are soon forgotten or become irrelevant due to lack of revisions (Maintenance).

However; contextualized information indeed becomes knowledge, and this knowledge (metaphorically) becomes a living entity, as it must move forward to life by being improved upon by means of continuous improvement.

Wow; how was that for being long winded? But I hope I'm clear enough.

When we progress through the Create, Manage, Exchange processes; we are naturally using and hopefully understanding the relevance of what information is (aggregated data) and the further relevance of contextualization and further realizing of knowledge.

Knowledge must be usable though, as it becomes absolutely useless (static) if it isn't used as an improvement tool. Knowledge management is the improvement tool, and when used to confirm and improve upon this contextualized information (Knowledge), we may begin to see, realize and implement this usable knowledge into what may be termed “The Information Economy”.

For me: the tools, methods and mindsets associated with graphical visual knowledge mapping have provided me with platforms to utilize for my personal, academic and business models to be realized.

And the above mentioned Information Economy may or may not be to you, real or even imagined; but knowledge may eventually be monetized by the very tools you may use to create, manage and exchange information and usable knowledge.

The main focus at visualmapper.org has always been to openly share, discuss and debate the relevancy of graphical information/knowledge mapping/management.
And yes; I often repeat myself via the blogs, so as to make it so clear that knowledge is not the destination, it is indeed the journey. The journey for me and so many others has been super charged by our use of the tools and methodologies of mind, visual and knowledge mapping software and services.

So I hope you are motivated to seek out, adopt, adapt and improve upon graphical mapping platforms and models, that may infuse a mindset that accepts the possibility of monetizing your Information Economy driven by usable knowledge.

Oh my I do babble; don't I?

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