Thursday, December 24, 2015

Your brain, my brain “TheBrain”

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Your brain, my brain “TheBrain”


I was introduced to TheBrain quite a few years ago through a colleague who used it extensively within his educational profession. At first I thought “Hmm, interesting” but it didn't quite fit into the work I was doing relating to information management at that time.

You see; I had used the tools, techniques and mindset of mind mapping for many years. And while I was heavily influenced by Tony Buzan, the originator of modern mind mapping, I tended to use mind mapping outwith the established Buzan rules.

And here I am to date: I define myself as a Knowledge mapper/manager. I remain to be a mind mapper, but here's the thing; I experienced a development (evolution) from that single point of mind mapping into visual mapping and then from there into the mind bending knowledge management arena.

Oh my, here we go with an attempt at conflated definitions and explanations now:

  • “Mind mapping” was originally a single radiant hand drawn format, hence the name Buzan mapping as Mr. Buzan formalized Mind mapping. It remains to be the standard for learning the mind mapping technique. But Buzan mapping has indeed morphed into what we now call Visual Mapping.

  • “Visual mapping” became the place where multiple formats including flow charting, concept mapping and charting of all sorts were used. So this Visual mapping thing became simply multiple formats of information expressed within the virtual space of our computing devices.

  • “Knowledge mapping” has become an almost natural development (evolution) of the user who has more than likely started with mind mapping and has progressed through the multiple formats of visual mapping, eventually having that common insight experience of seeing the possibilities for joining mind mapping with visual mapping and morphing it into knowledge mapping/management. Knowledge mapping may be understood in terms of the power of relational databases associated with creating, managing and sharing usable knowledge.

But hey; regardless of how the above conflated explanations and definitions go, there is a thread of evolution of sorts associated with the genesis of use from Mind mapping through Visual mapping through Knowledge mapping.

Here's something to ponder if you're an established mind/visual mapper. Take a look at the lag that occurs when you add (embed) attachments to a mind mapped framework. You'll soon discover that lag forces your software product to eventually have time management issues with accessing your attached (embedded) docs, images or files. And the fact that we often miss this point regarding most, if not all mind/visual mapping software available show that developers have simply missed or even ignored the issue of their single file format rather than adopt a relational database format. 


So take a look at TheBrain; you'll find it at and discover for yourself the absolute power of a graphical framework for knowledge management with the advantage of a relational database.

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