Monday, December 28, 2015

Still waiting for that mainstream breakthrough?

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Still waiting for that mainstream breakthrough?

It may be the same old same old for the mind mapping arena: well, regarding seeing a real breakthrough into the mainstream for mapping product this year, but things may be changing.

For me, there has been a rot within the mapping arena for the past few years, and IMO the mapping arena has gone through a series of challenges that have equated to faux pas.

From attempting to force a subscription model rather than a desktop (ownership) model was one that threw the cat amongst the pigeons in the past years; and that developer lost me due to that foolish move.

And then the absent mindedness of developers who misunderstood the relevance of the desktop to cloud sync process in the absence of an attachment embedding function. I do believe this has been given attention by most developers now. This has bemused and annoyed users to a degree, as it's so clear the data (attachments) must be embedded into the graphical framework of a map in order for it to be uploaded via a sync function to an available framework service.

The attachment embedding function for many developers was like putting the cart before the horse. Those developers who decided to go full cloud service kind of missed the relevance of the data load. Yes we load our mind maps with attachments and in these days of large data load and transfer, we need a large data load transfer capability to cloud sync capability. And thus the single file architecture comes into view and I'm sure most developers are saying “oh ***k how did we miss that do we deal with this shift?

For many, databases have become a daily single point of interaction with their private internet of things associated with personal development, academic enhancement and business productivity. Having access to our personal database across multiple devices is not only essential but now expected and even demanded. And that is where the single file architecture is simply no longer capable enough to handle the data load, speed expectations and availability between platforms of desktop to cloud and devices.

The real issue for this internet of things that shall influence the mapping arena is the stability of internet, readily available synced data, information and knowledge, and available data load that is packaged (moved) and stored with encryption and security in mind.

Will this encryption and security level be realized? Hmm; I’m still hedging my bets here, as it's very clear the web is certainly having an ownership issue regarding the movement of data, information and knowledge that is both legal and verified as safe and allowable. I just don't know how that's going to be managed by the agencies that have obviously laid claim to our personal data in the past few years of international turmoil.

I digress of course (as usual); but the mainstream mind/visual mapping breakthrough might just come via a few very relevant products that have propped up this so called arena for some time now.

I sincerely wish ALL developers the very best of luck with these challenges for 2016, and further hoping to see more innovation and creativity being unleashed by these awesome developers. We need disruption and I hope to see that during 2016.

IMO (and it's merely my opinion); the most relevant products of 2015 have been:

Yes there are many others, but IMO the above links are the most relevant.

Maybe I should rename these blogs as “blab blogs” rather than short “though blogs”. Blogs are never complete, they merely post a mindful snapshot of thoughts. Regardless; I do hope you've enjoyed this blog. Your opinions matter and I want to encourage you to contribute via your comments.

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