Saturday, December 26, 2015

I know a few Consultants

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I know a few Consultants: connect with them

I've worked with a few of them, I associate very closely with most of them and I highly recommend all of them. These consultants? let's say I have something in common with them. The common thread that runs through our relationship, is the fact that, we have all arrived at that single point, epiphany or insight regarding the absolute power and advantages of graphical knowledge management.

And that insight motivates us to be better consultants that drives, encourages and sometimes aggressively pushes each other into new places of learning and eventually teaching/consulting.

That insight?
It's the realization that we are a collective of Knowledge management consultants/developers who understand procedure, process and system to the point of going beyond standards of continuous improvement espoused by current business management systems. We expose each other, our clients and other colleagues to the mind/visual/knowledge mapping tools, techniques and mindsets that actually drives us to create, manage and share our insights.


Wow; how was that for being long winded and the bad grammar eh? But this is a short thought blog, and who cares about blabbing and grammar; right?

But, for the most part we all must needs take you through the time line of our own personal epiphanies and insights in order to enable you too somewhat experience or get a vision of where we started and why we are here now offering the services as a deliverable through our business models. Feel free to connect with anyone listed at the provided link at the bottom of this short thought blog.

Most listed are either consultants and/or software developers within the mind/visual/knowledge mapping/management arenas. All are extremely capable to assist, teach and consult with you regarding your needs associated with making you a much better data, information and knowledge handler. They all use one or more graphical mapping tools to enable you to become a more effective knowledge manager.

The skill sets of these consultants runs through and integrates within all three arenas of personal development, academic enhancement and business productivity.

Here's the link: now go connect with them and start your journey through the mind bending arena of knowledge mapping.

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