Friday, December 25, 2015

ConceptDraw: the complete package, and then some

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ConceptDraw: the complete package, and then some

Take the time to visit and it won't take you long before you realize CS Odessa; the developer, offers a complete software package for your graphical knowledge mapping/management needs. And yes, it is indeed a complete offering that covers personal development, academic enhancement and business productivity tool-sets.


These tools are 3:
  1. ConceptDraw Pro: The undeniable leader of the graphical charting arena
  2. ConceptDraw Mind Map: A most capable Visual mapping tool
  3. ConceptDraw Project: A very user friendly management scheduling tool

Yes these are 3 independently operating products, yet the power of these 3 are integrative. These three awesome products speak to each other, read each others file formats and populate data, information and knowledge between each others interface via the proprietary InGyre process. This is all able to be viewed in a dashboard ; ConceptDraw being the first to integrate a dashboard approach. And the even more awesome portion of this integrative approach is the Solution Browser.

The solution browser is a central management tool that offers a space where a huge list of apps (add-ins) are made available for this suite of products at the Solution Park; There's over 150 solutions to date and the list is ever growing. The solution park cuts out the middle men of app development for this suite by being controlled by CS Odessa, and that's the best approach IMO.

I've used ConceptDraw for some years now, and as much as I have access to other competing products, the pure genius of the independent yet integrative approach makes ConceptDraw as individual products and as an office suite offering unbeatable.

Affordable? Of course it is; the ConceptDraw product range can be purchased individually or as an Office suite. I personally have the Office suite as it suits my business model needs perfectly. Ideal for personal development, academic enhancement and business productivity. Oh and I use ConceptDraw products on both PC and Mac.

So go visit and be amazed at their offerings. The product is truly cross-platform providing both PC and Mac users with parity between platforms regarding capabilities and functions.

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