Saturday, February 1, 2014

There’s something about Mind Mapping

Indeed there is and it’s often initially hard to put your finger on the pulse of what runs through mind mapping that impacts you to use it again and again after being introduced to it.

The individual experience is unique to every user, and if you ask a few of those users this will be verified. Yet: there’s a common thread expressed by all users of mind mapping that allows us to measure the impact and power of its motivational drivers.

The motivational driver is one of epiphany after epiphany, and these personal revelations equate to an exponential increase in the ways and formats users create, manage and exchange data, information and knowledge.

For many; mind mapping becomes a way of life that impacts and changes their perceptions of the genesis of aggregated data, which is information and the contextualized information that becomes usable knowledge.

For a growing number of users; mind mapping has become a systematic framework that becomes their personal, academic and business layered database of knowledge that propels their definition of procedure, process and system.  And in turn; their use of current technology to enhance the ways and formats of syncing their usable knowledge between devices has become of great importance to the mobile savvy generation of this portion of the 21st century.

So; there’s something about mind mapping, and this can’t be denied. What is the impact of mind mapping upon you? And how has it enhanced and improved the ways in which you create, manage and express your data, information and knowledge?

Your opinion and experiences are important, so express it here.