Sunday, February 3, 2013


For those of us who use a GPS (Satnav): we all know what this message is indicating; don’t we?
I was chatting with a few Visual mappers recently, and we discussed where this arena is heading, and the analogy of using a GPS to direct us to our destination was really revealing.
I recently enthused over the prospect of what Biggerplate potentially could offer to this arena, and I am confident the inaugural Biggerplate unplugged event success shall translate into a road map that leads to a defined destination at this time.
With regards to the GPS message; we need to punch in our desired destination, and for the most part, looking at this arena; we simply don’t have a well defined destination punched in.
Mind mapping is indeed a well defined tool formalized by Mr.Tony Buzan, and the ThinkBuzan organization has perpetuated the so called rules of Buzan mind mapping in and through their capable software.
We also have the absolute leader Visual information management Mindjet; the developer of what has moved into a subscription service from a perpetual desktop licensing model; offering a full range of productivity tools without a doubt aimed at corporate use.
Out with the bubbles of Buzan mind mapping and SaaS products and services offered by Mindjet, we have other alternatives that seem to be offering the same capabilities, with a few quirky and useful functions that make them the toy to have for the season.
CS Odessa; the developer of the ConceptDraw range of desktop cross platform productivity software seems to have developed their own niche market with their particular approach to Visual Information Management.
The cloud in particular regarding a Mind mapping approach seems at this time to be dominated by MindMeister. An excellent SaaS offering that has exponentially developed since inception. The biggest issue for cloud services within this arena is data load, storage, sharing and embedding qualities. Comapping (extremely functional) has a data load per account of 25GB; I simply don’t see this load available from any other Visual mapping cloud offering. I personally use Comapping as my default cloud Visual mapping tool.
Of course there are many more software products to mention; yet IMO most simply offer much the same functions and capabilities, and this begs the question: have the developers simply taken a wrong turning and the GPS is giving that “recalculating” message? Maybe this is so, but the direction of many mapping developers at this time may reveal the lack of a destination being punched into their corporate development plans (GPS/Satnav).
IMO the “ones size fits all” approach of (in particular) Mind mapping doesn’t fit (pardon the pun) at all. Taking a deeper look at the needs and wants of the Visual Information Management arena within Personal development, Academia and Business productivity; we see three separate arenas yet they are without a doubt interconnected.
Again’ these are merely my lazy Sunday afternoon thoughts; and I would thoroughly enjoy your submitted thoughts regarding the recalculation message, the potential future of this awesome arena and the possible future road map of Visual Information Management.
BTW; I look forward to reading the Biggerplate report of the Inaugural London unplugged event.

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