Sunday, December 9, 2012

Controversial as it may seem

Controversial as it may seem; Mindjet have indeed moved from an open user licensing model to a cloud based subscription based model. Is this the way of the future; or is it a way to stop piracy and control the corporate financials of the developer’s organizational capabilities?  A bit of both me thinks.
It’s all conjecture of course when it comes down to personal opinions, and IMO opinions matter as long as we don’t ruffle too many feathers. But alas we do indeed ruffle quite a few feathers when we state our personal and professional opinions.
I want to state; I have been a Mindjet MindManager user almost from day one. MindManager has been the core of my use of graphical information management, and continues to be. I am now a legacy user of MindManager, and as much as I regret that position, I’m actually quite relieved to state so.
Again, I simply state my opinion based on my knowledge of the arena and my use of many other products that aspire to be just as successful as Mindjet.
When one looks back at the timeline of Mindjet’s great and continuing success; it’s so easy to see an evolutionary step that is exponential. Mindman became MindManager and has since developed into a suite that covers almost all business needs relating to creating, managing and sharing information.
The social software aspect of MindManager has been the most interesting aspect of the evolutionary move, and as much as I personally have hedged my bets on the success of cloud computing and the SaaS offering of Mindjet; I firmly believe they will lead in that arena eventually too.
There is a troubling aspect for me though. I love the product but most definitely don’t love the subscription service that has recently and controversially been implemented. I currently use the 2012 edition and am happy with the ability to install using a personal user license and not have the burden (as I see it) of a cloud subscription I never intend to use.
The cloud SaaS offering is IMO of very little practical use to the personal development type of user, but I firmly believe the new model adopted by Mindjet shall net them even more acceptance within the corporate arena use. This model is indeed suited so well for corporate users of multiple seats, and ensures an update maintenance service to corporate too.
What about the personal users?  After all they are the users who have indeed propelled MindManager into the mainstream as the leading Visual mapping information mapping product.
Just my opinion though, and if I’ve ruffled your feathers too, state your opinion and please do it nicely.


Matthew Rain said...

I do not see this as “Controversial”. If this controversial then someone selling you a latte for $4.00 is controversial. I have been a Mindmanager user for 10 years now, and have loved the benefits gained from it. 4 years ago I convinced my team to sign on to the product. For the most part we have been very happy. I estimate that in the last 10 years I have spent about $1000 dollars for Mindmanager product and upgrades for myself. I have not taken every upgrade during that period. I would say my upgrade percentage is about 50%. With the latest product announcement from Mindjet I have computed that if I continued with Mindmanager I would be spending about $1000 dollars over the next three years.

Looking at the current cost that would work out to $3,600 dollars for the next 10 years. Under the new liscense program I get to use all of their products, that is a plus. Also my product is always up to date and there is no decision on my part if I should upgrade or not. However our group has decided to go in a different direction.

Do we miss Mindmanager? Yes!

Did we find an alternate solution that worked for us? Yes!

Was the changeover painful? Yes, for about a week!

Are we happy with our selection? Yes, we miss some things that Mindmanager did, but we found new functions that compensate for some of the things we loved!

Controversial? No! The King is dead, long live the king.

Wallace Tait said...

Hi Mathew,
Valid comments thus it makes a good post reply. Just curious; what product did your team eventually choose?

Matthew Rain said...

I checked my math and the price for 10 more years at current pricing levels is $3,600 ($360 per year). My team decided to go with Conceptdraw Mindmap. Of the three products we looked at, we felt this was the best choice for us. The combination of features and price made it a fairly easy choice. I would think that how one uses the mind map product impacts the decision outcome.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for dispelling away my doubts. Since we have switched from Mindjet at work, I have to decide what product to use now and I'm evaluating this mindmap product from concept Draw. Very intuitive tool, I can use without any tutorials or training.