Saturday, November 24, 2012


Alas all things come to an end, and my writing sabbatical ends too.

Taking time out to focus in on other more important and productive processes has been a breath of fresh air for me this year. No writing about the Visual mapping at all for most of this year has enabled me to view this arena from a different perspective altogether.
A few events have certainly influenced this arena this year, and it’s good blogging material to post for discussion and dialogue.
I traveled to Scotland from Canada this year for a long overdue family vacation. Walked part of the West Highland Way (Painfully delightful), toured the Highlands (Glorious), and visited relatives (Challengingly pleasant).   

And whilst in Glasgow I was fortunate enough (and certainly honoured) to get the chance to meet Liam Hughes, the chief architect of the ever growing and popular the go to place for map storage, sharing and business social networking.

Liam flew up to Glasgow to meet me during the first week of August, and though it was quite literally a flying visit for Liam; I was without a doubt finally delighted to meet Liam and be absorbed by his current and future plans for Biggerplate and forming a greater entity that shall propel visual information management into the mainstream.
I was enthused by Liam’s youth, vigour and determination to advance the Mind/Visual mapping arena in and through After all no one to date has been successful in their Endeavour to take this apparent cottage industry into the mainstream. Many have tried with attempts at conferences and get together; heck I was even involved in a failed attempt with other colleagues to do the same thing. Alas the economic crash of October 2008 signaled that event withdrawal.
But here we are; ending another year of reading great writings by other authors, and we’re no further ahead regarding gaining more mainstream acceptance for Visual mapping. Yes I know; I use the term Visual mapping. Mind mapping is included in the ever growing tool box of Visual mapping; maybe that has been our problem from the start; it has apparently been all about Mind mapping. Maybe that issue is for another blog sometime.
I digress though; the focus is on the exciting future ahead of us mappers with the exponential growth of I am excited about this entity, as Liam Hughes and his team have definitely got their finger on the pulse of what drives the users of in particular Mind mapping. The bigger picture is a biggerplate that includes other formats and other opportunities for members of this community.

Having the opportunity to be involved within a global professional community that embraces all of the formats, and therefore enable users to have a platform, voice and identity. There are so many opportunities for the current and future potential for the business approach to Visual mapping.
I initially wanted to interview Liam and post as a blog, but there’s been a couple of interviews by fellow colleagues, and I didn’t want to repeat the same old Q&A format; so I thought it best to encourage you to join and be a part of the exponential growth of the Visual mapping movement and make it a real arena.
The inaugural event will be held on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT) London, England. And yes there’s more venues being organized for both North America and Europe too, and I’m sure this will spearhead a global reaction to more events too.
 The very well known professionals within the user, developer and consulting arenas who will either be speaking/presenting and dialoguing with fellow mappers at this event make it a must be there event. I would pay to be a fly on the wall to be in the company of my fellow mapping colleagues that day.
You never know; maybe Toronto may be on the cards too.
IMO; shall become the default representation of the Visual mapping arena, and it would be in the best interests of users and developers alike to strategically align with the entity.
I sincerely wish Liam and his team all the best and great success with the inaugural Biggerplate unplugged event January 2013.