Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mindjet might just put the others out of business!!

Words escape me regarding what Mindjet are attempting to accomplish with their latest acquisitions and extremely intelligent moves to absolutely corner the visual information management market.

The others (competing developers) may indeed be placed into panic mode with the realization they may not be able to compete with the FREE offerings and new acquisitions of Mindjet.

Via the entry level Free offering of Mindjet Connect (Thanks for being reborn) with 1GB of data load, and yes I'll say it again; it's FREE. No excuse ever needed for not experiencing the absolute power of visual information management in and through MindManager any longer.  Mindjet shall exponentially grow their user base through Mindjet Connect. And I do believe many users of Connect at the Free level shall indeed migrate to the business and corporate subscription models for more functions, capabilities and security in the cloud.

Oh! and the mobile editions associated with MindManager are now FREE too.

The Desktop versions for both PC and Mac are the inevitable destination for many who shall experience the Free entry level to Mindjet Connect; and the Acquisition of Cohuman; a social media and team building/management product is ingenious, and this in due course shall be integrated right into the MindManager suite. And need I say; this will be FREE too.

MindManager desktop is a rather expensive product to own, but the serious visual information managers of this century shall indeed brush that issue aside; as the implications and power realized from adopting and infusing MindManager into personal, academic and business environments shall be more than mere finacial cost of having this excellent product.

Personally I'm still trying to get my very small brain around the implications of this ingenious move by Mindjet; so maybe this collage will inspire you to delve a little deeper into the upcoming changes to the apparent unbeatable leader and innovator of visual information management software and services.