Sunday, April 3, 2011

Business Management Systems and Mind Mapping

Business is extremely process oriented, and in fact, relies heavily on procedural instructions that support specific processes.  And these processes drive the respective business management system (BMS). 
A BMS may or may not be accredited by a registrar associated with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  BTW using the standard or accomplishing a high level of achievement is certainly not associated with or reliant upon adopting the ISO standard at all IMO.
When you approach anyone within a business organization (for the most part) they will answer the question; why do you do the things you do here? With; Oh It’s just the way we’ve always done things.
 OK; I’ve made an extreme case here. I haven’t come across too many businesses that use standardized business management system requirements such as ISO 9001, which haven’t made their employees aware, of the basic requirements of understanding procedure, process and system.
But Wallace; you’re a Visual mapper, what’s all this got to do with procedures, processes and business management systems?  Much I say; and here’s a case for using mind-visual and knowledge mapping within your BMS.
The interesting point is; you’re already visually mapping out information with the use of flow charts, graphical reporting relating to statistical process control, six sigma and value stream mapping.  In my experience; the missing tool that would exponentially enhance your information management skills is Mind mapping.
Now I do understand that if you’re already using graphical information management tools at this time; why would you consider using Mind mapping too?  This is a question that must be answered in order to justify adopting another tool into your business operations.
You’ll notice I have used a three pronged approach to mapping in paragraph five of this article.  This is significant, as Mind mapping is merely a first step to experiencing the exponential growth of gaining more control over all aspects of your BMS using graphical information management tools.
Imagine having a single point of access to all of the procedures, processes, documents, policies and protocols of your whole BMS, at hand within a systematic framework.

This framework has its genesis in the use of Mind mapping.  Almost everyone I introduce to the power of graphical thinking through the tools techniques and mindset of what I call visual mapping, are changed in a very positive way.

Master maps; remember this term as it’s going to be rather important to your future use of mind mapping within your BMS.

While a BMS is linear in operation, especially when manufacturing is the arena; the system that is supported by the respective procedures and processes is in many cases non linear.  In reality a BMS may be likened to a planetary system; the sun may be the system sustainer and the planets may be likened to the processes, and in turn the moons may be likened to the procedures.  The point I wish to make here is one of reliance.  Just as with planetary systems; it may be said that a BMS may be somewhat of a microcosm of this example.  Another point to keep in mind; many successful business systems managed and improved by knowledgeable staff, express an understanding of process in relation to systems.  I have come across many knowledge workers within these successful organizations who handle procedure and process with effectiveness, to the point of, expressing an understanding and practice of systematic thinking.

What is the starting point for many organizations that adopt mind mapping into their existing business processes for managing data, information and knowledge,?  The scream for help is usually the cry at the start, or for some it may be a logical acceptance of the reality of a need for a more effective system of organization.

Visualmapper is here to assist, teach and coach you through the process of understanding the procedures at the base level, and viewing your system at a higher level.  While tools are important; the methodologies and more importantly Mindset is what drives this journey.  At Visualmapper, we believe in the independence yet interdependence of all of the activities wrapped up in your BMS.  This acknowledgement will come to you in a more coherent view, once you understand the importance of bringing all of your operational processes into a systematic framework for business efficacy in and through Mind mapping.
If at all you are considering integrating Mind-Visual mapping into your BMS; feel free to access a free eBook and associated work here; it's a few years old now, but I do believe it has relevancy as a more rounded introduction to your integration of the tools, methods and Mindset of Mind-Visual mapping.

Below is an example of a most proficient methodology for auditing management processes; it was developed by Allan. J. Sayle.  Mr. Sayle has IMO been one of the most influential minds associated with the development of standards for business management and auditing methods.  The mapped example has been made available with permission from Allan J Sayle, and is taken from his excellent publication title “Management audits


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