Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why we really do need to consider Mind mapping

We have many excellent tools available these days to ensure we are reasonable organized, with less stress, and more productive. Yet for apparently inexplicable reasons (that's a lie), we seem to be less organized, more stressed and willfully unproductive.

Having been involved in helping many clients with personal, academic and business information management issues; I am convinced the genesis of change for many is the introduction to mind mapping tools and methodologies that can exponentially enhance their information management skills.

Take a look at the John profile below, it may resonate with you.

John could be a Jane, it's certainly not gender specific, yet this profile is all too common. The genesis of change for John or Jane IMO, would be benefited by an introduction to the tools and methods of Mind mapping.

Why? Well in my experience an introduction to Mind mapping is in many cases the starting point for a shift in the users conscious awareness of a more effective way to create, manage and exchange data, information and knowledge.

Going from the terribly written scribble to a clear Mind map is just the starting point for many: see below

Each and everyone of us manages information; of course we do, we are humans and therefore we are thought generating systems.  We are capable of whole brain thinking that includes deductive and inductive thinking, we think not only in words, images and numbers, but we generate contextual information, and in turn create usable knowledge. This is just the way it is for we humans.

I am very privileged to know such visual mapping thought leaders as Roy Grubb, John England, Nick Duffill, Toni Krasnic, Mark Wogan, Olin Reams, Michael Deutch, Brian Friedlander, Pascal Venier, Vic Gee, Wojciech Korsak and many others I fail to mention here (apologies).

Some are business consultants and some are developers of excellent software products; they are more than capable of guiding you into a place where you can choose a product that suits your information management needs and wants. 

So; as you search through the Visualmapper blog list to date (top right of this page), I hope you find relevant information that assists you in solving the issues that John and Jane seek to remedy.

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