Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roy Grubb has a challenge, and it's a big one

Today Tuesday January 18th 2011; while browsing through Twitter, I noticed a request from Roy Grubb a fellow Visual mapping colleague (and Brit) based in Hong Kong.

The request was to tweet about a request he had regarding the question of; is there any Mind-Visual mapping resources for the blind.  Yes you read right “The Blind”.

I was rather taken aback (Gob smacked) by this request, but suffice to say I am so challenged regarding this request that, I was compelled to write a brief blog requesting you help Roy enable a resolution to the challenging question.

I’m certainly not qualified to answer any part of Roy’s challenge, but I am hopeful that readers of this brief post may be in a position to assist in the quest to solve the challenge of Mind-Visual mapping resources for the Blind.
Here’s a link to Roy’s Wikit http://bit.ly/ih2ozn, and if you wish to follow Roy at Twitter; here’s his twitter name: @roygrubb

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