Friday, September 3, 2010

The DropMind advantage

How to manage your information more effectively?

Every company is in constant struggle to improve 2 attributes above all; productivity and efficiency. These attributes can have a wide range of activities depending on the company and the industry they’re in, but let us talk about the meaning of those attributes in an office environment.

There are many different strategies to approach these attributes, but I believe that productivity will increase by increasing motivation and minimizing confusion, and effectiveness will increase by increasing creativity.

Given a normal work day at the office, people are prone to deal with many different ideas, challenges, meetings, assignments and I can only keep going if I am to form a complete list of activities. This brings to mind a vision for an application which makes an informational base.

Seavus DropMind™ allows for better control over information and allows you to:

• Form a base and create a visual database,
• Organize and collaborate,
• Present and start a project,
• Save time,
• Keep yourself up to date and think for the future.

Now let me go into more details

(1)Think about every time you come across something that you think might serve you well in the future, you usually write the stuff down. You jot it on sticky notes or write it on a blank sheet of paper, then it ends’ up being lost.

(2)I have also learned that having many applications to work with, no matter how great they are, the situation proves to be prone to generate a long array of confused moments.

(3)Meetings, assignment due dates, we all try our best to perform the best but sometimes that isn’t enough.

This is why it helps to have one, base application, in which you record your information, from which you access your information, from where you manipulate with your information, and most importantly the base application needs to be as user friendly as possible.

Seavus DropMind™ is developed in a way to help you capitalize on the effectiveness of information management by using the aid of visual perspective. This enables users to work with greater ease in a hasty manner by quickly locating the needed information, and generating the needed documents. DropMind’s look and feel is relaxing and smooth and it uses the popular top of screen ribbon in order to preserve simplicity. Additionally the application allows you to:

• Place attachments of any file type,
• Use organizational charts to help you place your thoughts and ideas anywhere on a map ,and organize them in an format pleasing to your eye
• Enter notes which briefly describe a topic, or note recent changes made in the same
• Add hyperlinks if you have gotten the info from the web
• Use tasks and alerts to help you prepare yourself for important activities and due dates
• More benefits for using Seavus DropMind are the integrations, of which most notable are:
o The MS® Word integration.
o The MS® PowerPoint integration.
o The MS® Project integration.
o The MS® Outlook integration.
o The Basecamp integration.
o The Google integration, which allows users to upload and attach Google Docs, and also allows importing Google Contacts in the mind map community; through which by using an advanced search allows searching the content of their Google Docs.

Seavus DropMind™ has extensive options for export/import into another file type and they let your work become much more versatile in the way it gets handled. Imagine the freedom which you can enjoy.

Let’s say that you have a map full of tasks, topics, attachments, notes and other info you may have placed. In other words, let us say you have an idea/project where you’ve organized your info on a map, and now you have to make few copies of the same content on a different format.

For the sake of this example, let us assume you need to hand out a hard copy of the material, and you have to make a presentation of the same. Seavus DropMind™ lets you use many options in order to customize your export from within the application. This advanced approach to export/import (as shown on the screen shot) also applies for other file types.

Among many, other notable feature is the advanced filter. This is a benefit which saves you time. You can use this filter to show or hide all your content which is related to a specific group of attributes (tasks, attachments, hyperlinks, notes and other) to save you on searching time. Also, you can summarize all the tasks on one topic along with all the tasks of its subtopics. Using this feature, a Project Manager can just come in to work and see today’s due dates for the team and themselves as well.

I believe that creativity is what has brought us all to a level at which we are now, and from my professional perspective the top ranked information management applications are lacking the ability to trigger people to open up their minds. Instead of looking at a linear fashion, as I mentioned before, Seavus DropMind™ is displaying the information in a more dimensional and visual manner. This allows you to quickly recognize the priority level of a topic along with all its connections and dependencies and its current position status.

Additionally, by saving you on searching time along with the benefit of visual perspective, Seavus DropMind™ has proven to force people to be more inventive, and has resulted in opening up people’s minds to fresh new ideas for solving a given problem.

Handling a large load of sensitive information can get quite overwhelming. Also when working on the details of a particular project for an extensive period of time can sometimes result in a fading memory of the bigger picture. I think it would be good to be able to choose and switch between your points of view of your work. Look at the whole project from a “bird’s point of view “in order to grasp the bigger picture and minimize confusion, or look closer into the details to focus your work on a particular task or topic.

I’d like to quote Chuck Oldman (writer), one of DropMind’s creative users. In one of his blogs he has written “DropMind is a lot of fun to use; it most certainly allows you to treat your work as creative play. The design is friendly, just about everything is customizable, and what was once a daunting task seems to have become a welcome challenge.”

Think about having one visual map were all the info you need is easy accessible saying “My Work”! Wouldn’t that be great!?

This concept is a way of thinking, a visual thinking, which is not so widely spread but it keeps on positively surprising people in the business world.

Our DropMind team prides itself in excellence, and we try to maintain that goal by always striving to deliver great customer service, and working on developing the application according to our user’s needs.

We love every opportunity to listen to their wishes for improvement. You would have to experience Seavus DropMind™ yourself to know what I’m referring to, and to see the advantages. I am convinced that once you have placed your work on a DropMind map, and have it organized the way you want to, your work will become more creative and enjoyable!

As current Product Sales Manager at Seavus; Angel Tanev is a technology driven, sales professional, who motivates his sales colleagues and clients. Seeking and finding an intuitive and inventive approach to spreading the voice and news of the Seavus organization is his forte.

Angel has an advantage of being a success within product sales, and strives to expand DropMind’s presence and exponentially grow its sales.

Prior to Seavus Angel enjoyed a successful position as a sales manager for Qwest Communications for 5 years.


Anonymous said...

Interesting product concept, but the site doesn't work correctly to download a trial and understand the product a little bit more. When trying to download it automatically specify I have to download a Portuguese version and you receive the following error: Requested URL: /desktop/order/DownloadNowPortuguese.aspx
Even though I didn't specify any language... I may be from Brazil, but I don't have a single product in Portuguese in my MAC.

Leandro Meinhardt

Natalija said...

Dear Leandro,

Our apologies for the inconvenience created. You have tried to download at the moment when we have uploaded our web site design. You may try again on this link (

Note that the product is Multilingual and users can choose from the app itself which language they wish to use (English; Portuguese; German; French and Spanish) anytime and as many times desired.