Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's your elevator pitch?

I'm often in a situation where I meet someone and they ask what I do and inevitably what Visual mapping is, After I bore them to death with the information management consultant thing, I present my elevator pitch regarding Visual mapping.

Here's mine:
Imagine a flexible framework that supercharges your information management skills.
I call it Visual mapping: which utilizes Mind/concept/flow/argument and project mapping. When you adopt this framework, you’ll improve the way you generate, handle and exchange information.
Become a superior information manager who creates with clarity, manages effectively, delivers on time and improves continuously.

Yes I know, it can sound a little manufactured and almost presumptions, but it does get inquisitive reactions and leads to some interesting business contracts.

What's your elevator pitch?


profTK said...

Visual mapping is a tool that helps you filter out the noise, make sense of what’s important, identify any missing pieces, and then put it all together so that it’s meaningful to you and others.

MsTechArt said...

Visual Mapping helps me manage, prioritize and organize all the information I have to deal with to effectively and successfully do my job. :-)