Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As Visual mappers: what should our approach be?

I am somewhat challenged with my thoughts regarding the viability of continuously attempting to pushing something mainstream that has and continues to struggle for a wholesale adoption.

Mind mapping as a single radiant process has failed miserably to become a mainstream method globally. 40 years after the formalization by Mr Tony Buzan, and here we are still trying to justify its use and infusion into the mainstream.

Many of our colleagues are even confused as to the designations and distinct differences between Mind-Visual and Knowledge mapping.

Visual Mapping on the other hand is more descriptive of the multiple formats available for graphical expressiveness of information.

Knowledge mapping/management seems to be the future key with connectivity to back end data bases; namely relational databases. Some are using tools such as Mind mapping and flow charts as rather good front end applications in the vein of dash boards and master map configurations.

I would suggest that we are more effectively positioned as Information Managers and facilitators, who understand the value of Whole Brain information management.

The Mind mapping arena, whilst an excellent format for initial exposure to more effective Information management processing has failed to capture the generations proceeding the initial formalization of hand drawn Buzan Mapping 40 years ago.

It is rather amazing yet embarrassing to view the landscape and see some claiming Mind mapping to be the great panacea for the ills of current information management practices.

I firmly believe we should debate an approach for this portion of this century; as we shall be passing on this initiative to future generations for further development and improvement.

The potential strategy may be one of a focus on information management rather than a focus on the tools. The methods are important; yet the application of the mindset is IMO most important. Very few of our colleagues actually speak of the association with a mindset.

I firmly believe the Body of Knowledge proposal made some years ago by Arjen Ter Hoeve and Wallace Tait was and remains to be an initiative that would solidify, verify and validate our purpose, Mission and Business model. At this time Pascal Venier and Wallace Tait are pro-actively seeking to prove the viability of such a venture; using current academic and business management system standards as benchmarks for establishment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wallace,

I fully agree with what you are saying and trying to convey to the non-visual-thinking world out there.

In my view, nothing will change any time soon as long as schools keep on teaching in a lineair, non-visual way. Because of that, we need to 'unlearn' what we've been taught and continued doing for a long time. And breaking habits - even, or especially, bad ones - is not an easy thing to do, and apparently not something that we are very open to.

What astonishes me is, that research and science have shown and proven that visual thinking (mapping) is a far better way to use your (whole) brain than the traditional lineair (left-brain) thinking model. But still it has not been adopted by educational institutions as a learning method at all (as far as I am aware off).

I do realize that - at least in my country, The Netherlands - the school system is behind about 15 years in terms of new methodologies and thinking/learning principles, but still... Isn't it time?

So, what can we - as a small group of evangelists :-) - do to turn this around?

For one, leaving lineair Blogs for what they are and start Blogging by means of online visualization tools? And start communicating in a non-lineair way 24x7, that is, all the time, with whoever we communicate? Most of the time we communicate in a lineair, non-visual way ourselves and maybe we need to change that to start with? Who knows, it might spread like a virus :-)...

Looking forward to your insights and suggestions.

Warm regards,

Kees van Amersvoort
World of Minds