Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Information Mapping Products I use

A quick information blog for you:

As a consultant/Facilitator; I work with many of the mainstream products; here’s a list of what I believe to be the most relevant for professional use. And; yes I use them.

There are three arenas to be considered, they are all independent, however; they are and can be interdependent.

Mind Mapping:

NovaMind: The leader of the Mind Mapping arena

IMindmap: If you’re a Buzan traditionalist, this is the one for you

Visual Mapping:

Mindjet MindManager: I just must use the leader of the pack

ConceptDraw: This product suite leads the market for innovation, usability, productivity and support

MindMapper: Simtech simply offers a turnkey information management product

Visual Mind: My first Visual mapping love, and remains to be a hidden gem to many

MindGenius: I’ve used this since it was introduced as Ygnius; a wonderful product

MindView: An awesome product that’s a leader in the making

DropMind: Seavus offer cloud SaaS and project management software too

XMind: Absolutely FREE; Very capable and must be scaring the big players

Knowledge Mapping:

MindSystems Amode: This has changed the way I Create, Manage and Exchange Knowledge

The Brain: Multi-dimensional Data, Information and Knowledge mapping. I am a Brain junkie

TopicScape: Ahead of its time for sure, this is Information Management on steroids

This arena is maturing fast. I firmly believe Cloud computing to be a relevant driver of online productivity. You've just got to take a closer look at what's being offered.

Comapping: I just can’t deny it, this product is now an integral part of my business processes.

bCisive: I'm not using this as a part of my Visual mapping tool set yet, but it is definitely worth a look at. I do use the desktop edition occasionally as a supplement to problem solving.

There are other Mind, Visual, Knowledge and Cloud mapping products and services; but this list is what I use to support the consulting and facilitation services I offer.

Wallace Tait: Visualmapper

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