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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guest articles at Visualmapper soon

From the introduction of the Visualmapper blog to date; we’ve exposed the tools, methods and mindset of this rapidly growing arena. We’ve also shared many aspects of the importance of recognizing graphical information management.

The three main use areas of Personal, Academic and Business have been covered thus far. For the personal arena; self development remains to be the largest untapped area for many potential Visual mappers.

Academia does a great job of producing qualified graduates that understand the linear employment world they are released into. The issue is; there exists a gap (read chasm) between what academia delivers and qualifies students to, and what the service, industrial and business worlds need, expect and actually want.

The service, industrial and business entities would, in our opinion, benefit from receiving future employees into the workplace, who have awareness, training and understanding of the application of whole brained thinking and processing relating to information management.

Looking through the blogs to date, we see a process of exposing the Visual mapping tool set. We have written about information management, the understanding of process and system and covered quite a few software product choices for the information manager.

While working with many of our clients, we glean from their needs and wants, and have gauged a real demand for more information related to the Visual mapping arena. The Visual mapping arena has its roots in radiant Buzan Mind mapping, having further developed into the multiple graphical formats that include; mind, concept, flow and argument mapping.

The tool set is larger than merely four yet; we see a convergence of sorts happening within the information management arena. This convergence is now being realized within a few mainstream products that cover the three main areas of Mind, Visual and Knowledge mapping.

At Visualmapper we are in a position of directly communicating with many of the mainstream information management software developers. This relationship has benefited us both, due to the needs of the developers to have a consultants ear to the tracks feel for what is coming down the track of user needs and wants.

As information management consultants, we benefit from having access to most of the mainstream software products, gauging the reality of the usability and seamless integration to our clients working environments.

We shall continue to blog, writing articles of relevance for the existing and budding information manager, who dares to become more effective, valuable and forward thinker.

For the next while at Visualmapper, we have invited a list of our professional colleagues and developers to provide guest blog articles. In doing so; we open up Visualmapper to a wider scope of information and knowledge sharing, hoping to appeal to a wider audience of inquisitive seekers.

Sincere thanks to all of our fellow Visual mappers for their continued support, encouragement and proactive feedback regarding what is offered at Visualmapper.

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