Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greg Liberto Guest post

It's a pleasure to have Greg Liberto as our first guest post:

“Remember his name. Greg has established himself within the productivity arena that covers Personal, Academic and business arenas. He is a driven professional who has mastered the tools, methods and mindset of Graphical thinking, enabling many to benefit and make positive changes in their lives. A most effective speaker, trainer and coach who delivers relevant life changing content within his Mind Mapping Works branding.”

Wallace Tait: Visualmapper

Greg Liberto has been in the training and development industry for 15 years. His core skills are in the areas of creativity, mind mapping, goal achievement and personal motivation. He is the founder and President of Mind Mapping Works and the creator of the Success InSight workshop.

In this workshop, he illustrates how to activate your power of the subconscious mind through visualization.

As an active member of Toastmasters and the New York State Speakers Association, he prides himself as a professional speaker and has delivered thousands of presentations throughout his career. To contact Greg via email – or via Skype at gregliberto

Focused Motivation with Mind Mapping

Do you have days where you are not as motivated as others? Do you feel there are times when you are not as focused or creative as you should be? If so, you are not alone.

It is true that the coexistence of motivation and focus does not reside in all of us, even those who use mind mapping on a regular basis. I have been training on and implementing mind mapping over five years, and while creating simple mind maps inspires me to take action, I still lacked focus and the creativity to excel in certain areas of my life. This all changed when I created the Success InSight workshop.

The Success InSight workshop gives you insight into what success means to you while ensuring that you are using your power of visualization to achieve success. It is a unique blend of mind mapping, creative change, motivation, personal accountability and more, rolled into one elegant package.

It has been described by participants as “getting you out of park and into first gear” and “showing you how to take action in your life immediately”. It is uniquely entertaining, engaging and highly interactive.

The driving force behind the success of the program is the simplicity to change. While most professional development programs use sophisticated tools and means to motivate the participant, this workshop gets you motivated prior to leaving the event and keeps you going indefinitely through the implementation of your own personal success road map.

In this workshop you will learn how your Automatic Negative ThoughtS (ANTS) limit you and impede performance. You will set a specific goal in one area of your life that will generate success in a multitude of other areas. By gaining focused motivation, you will increase creativity and idea generation to a level unmatched previously.

Greg Liberto is the author of this article and the visionary behind Mind Mapping Works He has been in training and development since 1995 and provides a practical approach to visual motivation. To enable your company, school or athletic team the ability to perform at a higher level immediately, contact Greg at

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