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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tony Buzan is Coming to America

I just spoke with Kathleen Church the Media Relations Liaison for Think Buzan. She informed me that Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping is coming to America. Kathleen is a professional Mind mapper and facilitator with a bent towards Academic use of the tools, methods and Mindset of traditional Buzan Mind mapping. I was enthused by her passion for Mind mapping, and the fact that she convinced me to post this article about Tony Buzan coming to America for three distinct appearances at Minneapolis, San Francisco and New York respectively.

Please read the following Press Release and pass on to your friends, colleagues and associates. This may indeed be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us to be in the presence and learn from the master and originator of Mind mapping.


Tony Buzan brings his mind mapping technique for improving decision making, creativity, and communications skills to America.

Bestselling author, lecturer, consultant to tour us cities

In a career that has spanned decades, Tony Buzan has helped millions around the world to improve their professional and personal lives by improving decision making, unlocking their creativity and enhancing their memory skills with Mind Mapping techniques.

Now Tony is bringing his program to the United States.

A best selling author and consultant to major international corporations, Tony will host workshops and seminars in New York, Minneapolis and San Francisco May 3 to 18, where he will describe The ThinkBuzan System.

Course attendees will learn how to work creatively, generate innovative new ideas, deliver dynamic and engaging presentations, improve their organization and planning skills, and enhance their training repertoires with a system that has been developed over 40 years of experience.

Mind Maps, which Tony invented in the 1970s, are now used by over 250 million people worldwide. He is a consultant for businesses and government organizations all over the world, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Walt Disney, Boeing, BP, HSBC, and the BBC.

The royal families of Bahrain and Liechtenstein and global media personalities and prominent world figures have benefited from using his techniques.

After a presentation by Tony at HSBC’s headquarters, Anne Ewing, the bank’s Head of Learning & Development, said that “he held the audience spellbound as he challenged, confronted and tested our collective assumptions about how adults learn. His complete mastery of his subject shone through… He is an extraordinary teacher and communicator”.

Leon Sadler, vice president for professional services at FICO, described the true power of Tony’s process: “I’ve relied on Mind Maps in my work with the world’s premier technical knowledge-based organizations, including Accenture, IBM and now FICO, a leader in analytics and decision management. I have passed on my enthusiasm to my co-workers and kids, and enjoy watching a new generation of Mind Mappers develop.”

In 2008 Tony received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association (ACA). Forbes Magazine has named Tony one of five top international speakers, along with Mikhail Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger and Margaret Thatcher, and reported that “Buzan shows corporate executives how to hot wire their creative energies.”

He has authored or co-authored over 100 books on the brain, which have been translated into 33 languages and published in over 150 countries. During the US tours, his workshops and seminars will be co-hosted by Chris Griffiths, ThinkBuzan’s CEO and author of ‘Mind Maps for Business’.

The ThinkBuzan System is built around a number of cutting edge techniques that address key areas such as; working creatively to generate new ideas and innovative solutions, combating information overload, dealing easily with an overwhelming workload, making correct decisions quickly, and thinking strategically and setting goals to boost personal and business development.

Tony’s US Tour events are an ideal opportunity for all executives, consultants, trainers and managers, anyone working within education, marketing and PR, or human resources and development to sharpen their professional skills.


* Tony Buzan: http://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/company/about/tony-buzan
* ThinkBuzan Ltd: http://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/company/about
* The ThinkBuzan System & The US Tour: http://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/services/training/usa2010
* Kathleen Church Media Relations Liaison kchurch@thinkbuzan.com 1-800-961-4582

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