Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Method Neutral; an opportunity to shift the status quo

Method Neutral is defined as; “Multiple modes of information expressed within a flexible workspace”.

The term “method neutral” is an oxymoron, and IMO; it is a genius breakthrough approach to challenging existing perceptions to the data, information and knowledge development processes.

Graphical information management has been around for a while, and it has unfortunately continued to be restricted to the fringes of the mainstream. This is to a degree, due to a certain radiant technique being touted as being the “one size fits all” solution.

A single hierarchy while being the basis for reasonably effective graphical communications, has become rather passé when assessing the needs (read demands) of the forward thinking information manager.

Multiple modes of expressiveness are now needed within products that offer end to end capabilities that combine various information management modes. Convergence is the key request from information management expressed within corporate business.

Method neutral offers flexibility in a convergence model, cutting through the one size fits all approach.

The three main arenas for information management are; personal, academic and business. While looking at the overwhelming range of software offerings currently available, we simply have way too many choices. Choice is (we are told) good and competition is what motivates creativity; so why do we keep on getting the same old same old from the Mind/Visual mapping developers?

Method neutral has its origins at Mindsystems, the developer of Amode, and version 2 was recently released. Amode gives the user the ability to experience a further enhancement of method neutral in a completely new functional approach within the product.
This new function is called ThoughtPad; offering the user the ability to associate almost any kind of graphical expressiveness that can be associated with the central mode of the database knowledge tree.

The genius of this new approach; we are no longer constrained by the many singular formats that are either Mind, concept, flow, argument and others offered by some software developers. We can simply use them all, and then some.

Information is the core function and importance that is contained with the knowledge database tree mode. Having the ability to associate almost any kind of graphical idea and visual thinking within the ThoughtPad; giving the user absolute freedom and comfort of knowing they are not constrained by a singular format.

Mindsystems has taken this opportunity of shaking up the status quo, and I do believe this is exactly what is needed within the Visual information management arena at this time.

As a forward thinking Information Handler, IMO there’s 4 main points of your future success to consider.
1. The need for a stable desktop knowledge database product
2. The need for absolute freedom of graphical expression
3. The need for control of all of your processes that support your particular system
4. Seamless integration into to your business/project management mainstream

Mindsystems Amode offers the user these and more. Of course there are more points to consider; it is however very clear though that Mindsystems Amode has developed an information management tool in Amode that offers an end to end complete package for the forward thinking information handler.

The information management arena offers some wonderful products, and I firmly believe Mindsystems Amode takes the lead for the business/project management approach to Personal, Academic and Business knowledge handling.

I certainly look forward to experiencing the further evolution of this product; it has a very light footprint, an amazing stable database load. The new Mindsystems ThoughtPad will take the Visual mapping arena into a whole new mindset of flexible graphical expressiveness.

The status quo shift is CHANGE; nothing to be scared of and much to embrace. So; do you want the same old same old, or do you want to move forward with confidence, control and flexibility?

Wallace Tait: Visualmapper


Kyle McFarlin said...


I enjoyed your post and then looked at the MindSystems website. To be sure, it's a monster product they've created, a complete end-to-end knowledge management system in one box. Gotta love the ambition!

One question you may know the answer to: Are the visual thoughtmaps actually reconciled with / part of the project plan, or are they simply a way to create visuals to illustrate concepts in the project plan (but necessarily a part of it)?

Wallace Tait said...

Yes it is a monster product Kyle, "an end- to-end knowledge management system in a box".

In answer to your question; the thought maps are both part of project plans and are also a free form graphical expression that directly relates to a given project.

I have found myself using a ThoughtPad as I would any other mainstream Visual mapping product. I attach, embed, associate and directly link to other portions of my knowledge tree.

Hope this answers your question Kyle; I'm sure John England of Mindsystems will jump in here with a more succinct answer.