Friday, September 18, 2009

Use the interrogatives

I am absolutely amazed at the lack of use, ignorance and even disregard of probably the most effective root cause process freely available.

It’s the “Interrogatives” of course; and they’re very rarely openly used out with academia, and even at that, they are hardly ever pushed as being the foundation for effective root-cause analysis.

If at all we are to see a shift in societal perceptions regarding information management and communication, I firmly believe we have to get back to basics and start with the interrogatives.

Just think about it for a moment; you see a situation, event or are in a meeting with your colleagues, and while you don’t realize it, you are analyzing it all using the interrogatives as part of your internal schema.

Yes, we humans use the interrogatives naturally, yet we have either willingly or unwittingly been taught or conditioned into disregarding them as useless. We have indeed relied on technology to draw us to a place of more conditioning, and reliance upon tools that are out with our internal and natural abilities.

The paradox is the natural ability can and is being rediscovered in and through the tools, methods and mindset of software Visual mapping.

So, give it a try, use the interrogatives and you’ll certainly regain your basic intuitive ability to analyze and root-cause any issue associated with your personal, academic and business environment.

The example below was compiled using Mindjet MindManager

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