Saturday, July 4, 2009


Method Neutral is defined as:

Method neutral in my opinion, is going to revolutionize the ways in which we create, manage and exchange our information processes. If you’ve been following my blogs to date, you’ve probably read my thoughts regarding, a new software application.

This app is without a doubt going to challenge, change and improve our information handling at the personal, academic and business levels.

Mindsystems is the developer and Amode is the product; remember that name because you’ll be hearing a lot about this software associated with information/knowledge management.

Imagine having access to a software application that enhances your management skills EXPONENTIALLY! You’ll be able to effectively aggregate data, contextualize information and database relevant knowledge essential to your personal, academic and business successes.

This is done by having at your finger tips access to a workspace that provides multiple productivity tools. These include, a tree structure, Gantt, calendar, multiple project view (briefcase): import and export functions to and from MS Office, Open Office, outlook and yes even Mindjet Mind Manager.

Process, project and systems management is the FOCUS of Amode, so move beyond your current information handling capabilities, and you’ll become more valuable to yourself, your colleagues, clients and your future potentials.

So let’s start creating, managing and exchanging information in a flexible workspace using the METHOD NEUTRAL approach.

The revolution starts RIGHT NOW!

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Anonymous said...

I have been using Amode for a few weeks now and not to put too fine a point on it, it has changed the way I work. I am a Project Manager and also a mind mapper, but was becomming irritated by the lack of control a map gives. Do not missunderstand me, maps are first rate for brainstorming ... Having said that you can do pretty good brainstorming and Whiteboarding using their innovative :Briefcase: mode.
While to prject management features do not replace the high end PM software it is perfect for about 60% of our projects. However what it does do, which nothing else does, is keep me intouch with my core information.

I just love this term "Method Neutral" ... in Amode the information is never clouded ... logic and process is always crystal clear. Well done Mindsystems.

Bye the way they have just started a blog at

John Dee